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Body Spa Center Kolkata With Full Body Massage

In fast running day to day life, a visit to spa or beauty salon provides a great relaxation. Spa is not only a place for rest and relaxation but also brings the glow to your face and energy in the body. Spa provides different kinds of services, like facial, body massage parlour in Kolkata, waxing, body treatment, skin exfoliation, manicures and pedicures.With every passing day, our lives are getting tougher and tougher and to deal with it we need to keep ourselves fresh and active. To relieve from the daily tension, spa massage is very essential rejuvenating the sole within us. A spa massage heals the tightness of the skins and muscles.A spa, as known to us today, is a center for treatments through various alternate medications and has grown to include relaxation, unwinding and getting pampered. It has now become the hub of social mingling where we also try to catch up on the personal touch in our otherwise unconnected lifestyles. Each passing year has seen new trends emerging in the spa industry.The very name body spa center in Kolkata relaxes the body and mind. Imagine what a relaxation you would be giving her after so much of hard work and especially when you can be of very little help or none at all. Spa services are easily found everywhere and you can take your mate to a close by spa service.Every individual is entitled to some kind of relaxation and time to unwind. One way to achieve this is to own an outdoor spa. Aside from relaxing, spas have the ability to soothe muscles and ease the aches of the body.
Nuru Massage2 hrs Rs. 1500/-
Four Hand Massage2 hrs Rs. 2000/-
Full Body Massage2 hrs Rs. 1200/-
Sensual Body Massage2 hrs Rs.1500/
Ayurveda Body Massage2 hrs Rs.1500/-
Aroma Therapy1 hrs Rs. 1500/-
Body to Body Massage1 hrs Rs. 1500/-

Services We Offer At Our Body Massage Parlour & Spa Center Kolkata

As we started our body massage parlour in Kolkata, we have received a profound reaction from the general masses and we are planning to expedite our services to the major cities of our country.


This situation lead necessary situation to design a treatment protocol like ayurveda, effective also cost effective system, ordinary people can use.


Steam therapy has been used since ancient times as a traditional healing system all over the world.


A fish pedicure, known as a fish spa. Garra rufa are sometimes referred to as “doctor fish” because they eat away dead skin, leaving newer skin exposed.

Kaya body spa center Kolkata


You can also avail advanced beauty treatments for your skin, hair, and nails or even give yourself a complete makeover.


Sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person's erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual.


Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds for improving psychological or physical well-being.


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Meet Our Expert Team of Kolkata Body Massage Parlour

Our team consists of registered physiologists, physiotherapists, and well trained and practiced doctors. We make sure that our employees are legit and the best in their respective fields. We maintain feedback sessions and also ask the customers to rate the quality of the services they are provided with so that we can assess the progress of our employees. We are named as the best body spa centre in Kolkata as we make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services and we also make sur that our employees are not paid in pittance so that they don’t lack in the potential of their work.

Our body massage parlour in Kolkata has a group which comprises of exceedingly prepared experts with physiotherapists, body rub specialists, foot knead experts, and so on. They are profoundly gifted at their employments with expert degrees and the nature of administration they give is at its most astounding benchmark.



Visit our body massage parlour in Kolkata to get the most effective body massage.



Our body massage parlour & spa center in Kolkata will be your best choice.



We offer all kinds of body massage services by the most experienced masseuses.



Come and enjoy the our body massage services with spa treatments.

View Our Packages of Massage & Spa Services At Our Kolkata Massage Parlour



Here at Kaya body spa in Kolkata, we give different sorts of spa medicines with the utilization of various types of hardware and furthermore ensure that among the various bodymassage parlour in Kolkata, we are known as the best body spa centre in Kolkata.



Additionally various types of Ayurvedic back rubs are rehearsed which expands the quality of the lymphatic frameworks which in this way helps the safe reaction of the body.

sensual massage


Our medications likewise incorporate needle therapy, where the right measure of weight is set on the meridians of the body which permits to clear blockages which brings about the unmistakable stream of vitality.



While distinctive sorts of reflexology related back rub styles focus on the feet, knead of (when in doubt) the soles of the feet is consistently performed just to unwind or redirection. .

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kaya body spa in Kolkata has ended up being compatible with solid spa affiliations, which has been orchestrated among the top spa places in India. Our body spa benefits in Kolkata perceives this raised status since it highlights home-created/intensive practices that have been changed in accordance with faultlessness with repairing frameworks what's more, individuals cognizance. It also has unisex spa services in Kolkata and they are available for both genders separately.

Our body massage parlour in Kolkata is on a very basic level a creation which is used to scour away dead skin cells from the body. It peels and hydrates your skin, deserting it smooth and sensitive. It is a suspension of coarse granules (apricot, walnut, oats, and sea salt) in a semi-liquid medium or gel (routinely taking after the consistency of body spread or a soaking ointment). A body back rub is done with a grinding material like salt, sugar, coffee beans, rice grain, even pecan bodies, ordinarily mixed with some kind of back rub oil and a sweet-possessing a scent reminiscent of central oils.

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